HCG Diet Plan and Very Low Calorie Diet

The unique combination of HCG hormone and 500-Calorie Diet makes HCG Diet Plan effective enough to discard abnormal fat storage. Dieters during the protocol never feel hungry or weak because there’s too much of abnormal fat burn during the process. HCG Hormone when combined with Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) helps your body to target abnormal fat banks resting on your thighs, hips, belly, chin etc. that in return releases around 2000-2500 calories of energy into your bloodstream. The ability to target only the abnormal fat banks with the help of 500 calories makes HCG Diet so effective for healthy weight loss.

HCG Diet Program is completely based on Dr.Simeons’ Book Pounds and Inches. Only food mentioned in the book is allowed during the plan. There are three stages (Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization) that should be followed strictly in order to achieve your goal weight in short time. Cheating during the diet plan is prohibited. Dieters are not allowed to smoke and consume alcohol during the entire fat loss plan.

diet chart
All the three phases of this weight loss program are equally important as they have separate benefits. During the loading phase, which is the first two days of the protocol, the dieter is allowed to eat as much as possible, which consequently prepares his or her body for the low calorie days.

Importance of VLCD During HCG Protocol

  1. After completing the Loading Phase successfully, the dieter have to take up Very Low Calorie Diet where anything above and less than 500 calories are not allowed. It’s advisable to follow HCG Food List for calculating the calorie consumption during this phase. The combination of Very Low Calorie Diet and HCG hormone not only helps burning abnormal fat but also helps resetting your hypothalamus gland. Your eating habits get refurbished due to this permanently. A reformed eating habit is surely a sign of a healthy life.
  2. HCG Diet is a permanent weight loss program because it breaks the stagnant fat from your body and weight lost during this dieting regime never comes back as your body learns to eat well after the diet is over.
  3. During HCG diet program, you have to have 500 calories only during the maintenance phase that last for 21-40 days maximum. During the next phase, which is stabilization period, you are allowed to increase your calorie intake up to 800 cals (women)- 1000 cals (men). You don’t have to take drops during this period.
  4. Very Low Calorie Dieting regime during HCG diet never takes your body to starvation mode. Your body gets that extra energy from the fat burnt as mentioned above however heavy workout are not allowed during HCG diet plan.
  5. Proper Sleep and drinking plenty of water is a must. It’s a quick fat loss therapy that requires discipline and pure dedication.