HCG In Burning Abnormal Fat

Please clearly understand the following points about Abnormal Fat that causes obesity.

  1. What Is Abnormal Or Localized Fat ?
  2. How Does Abnormal Fat Slows Down Your Metabolism & Cause Obesity ?
  3. How HCG Hormone Burns Abnormal Fat ?

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The human body contains 3 types of fat.

  1. Structural Fat
  2. Normal Fat
  3. Abnormal Fat

The Structural fat acts as body cushioning, the Normal fat is the free fuel and Abnormal fat is the unused store house of energy. All these fats are very crucial for normal functioning of the body especially, the abnormal fat that needs to be broken down for releasing energy.

What Is Abnormal Fat?

Abnormal fat deposits are the locked away sources of energy. Also known as localized fats, they get stored in different body parts such as buttocks, knees, chin, abdomen and flabby arms. These fatty tissues can grow as permanent part of the body causing obesity as they do not contribute in metabolism.

Abnormal fat metabolism is a distant thing as medical studies say that these rigid fatty tissues remain intact during metabolism. The fat distribution plays a very important role in overall body weight. Many diet programs fails to convert abnormal fat into calories as they can only burn the structural and normal fat. Hence, our body does not respond in losing the localized fat away, no matter how less they consume and workout.

Dr. Simeons' protocol includes Hcg and 500 calorie diet everyday. The discovery of Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone as an active abnormal fat burner proved to be very beneficial for overweight people. Hcg with the help of a very low calorie diet (500 calories) targets the abnormal fat bank and discharge 1500 to 5000 calories in the bloodstream. Moreover, it directs the hypothalamus to generate more calories from the localized reserves, even when the body is receiving a VLCD for 44 days. So, naturally it resets metabolic rate in the body and melts down the localized fat reserves during the protocol days. Let’s know more about Hcg diet and its role in weight loss.

How HCG Hormone Burns Abnormal Fat?

Hcg hormone burns abnormal fat with the help of 500 calorie diet and 125 i.u. to 200 i.u. Hcg everyday. The diet contains a very low calorie food chart that enhances the performance of this hormone and shed 1-3 lbs daily. Get important information about the functions of HCG hormone coupled with a low calorie diet by clicking here: HCG Diet Plan

There are 3 phases of HCG diet plan that stretches 44 days of absolute VLCD and HCG hormone everyday. The program starts with Loading Phase followed by Maintenance and Stabilization Phases. Obese people who want to shed 40 lbs and more should undergo the 3 Hcg Phases.

To get a dramatic weight loss in few weeks, users have to take Hcg hormone, that is found in various forms. These are injections, pills, oral sprays and homeopathic sublingual drops. General reports say that injections often lead to pain and pills and spray are troublesome. The best form of Hcg is the homeopathic sublingual drops because of its reasonable price and effective results.

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