Apple Day to Break Plateau During the Maintenance Phase

  1. What is a Plateau?
  2. When does it occur?
  3. How to correct Plateau?
  4. What is an 'Apple Day' ?
  5. How to follow the Apple day?

What Is Apple Day?

Apple Day' is the technique suggested by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons to break plateau during the maintenance phase. In this phase of the HCG weight loss program, it often happens that the dieter notices a stall in the weight loss process. For 4-6 days, the weight neither increases nor decreases even if the dieter maintains VLCD and takes regular doses. Apple Day can effectively deal with such situation ensuring significant weight reduction on the next day.

The plateau can occur due to cheating as well. Sometimes it happens that the dieter crosses 500 cal / day menu consciously or unconsciously as a result he observes a noticeable gain of weight or his fat loss process just stops. In such situation, the HCG dose also doesn't work. Some of the important points about the Apple Day are mentioned below:

  1. An Apple Day should be started as soon as you experience a plateau during the diet.
  2. You should employ this diet technique from lunchtime that subsequently ends next day at the same time.
  3. During these hours, six big apples are given to the HCG user.
  4. He is instructed to take one apple whenever he feels too much cravings for food. However, he is allowed maximum six apples for the whole day.
  5. No other food is permitted during the day. Apple contains enough fluid. Hence, the dieter doesn't require to drink too much water. However, if he still feels thirsty after six apples, he can take some plain water to quench thirst.
  6. Apple Day also helps in colon cleansing.

The Apple Day is the ideal solution for plateau correction. Many dieters have reported around 2 pounds weight loss on the next day of the Apple Day.

Tips To Avoid Plateau

Several reasons can cause plateau. Some expert tips are given below to avoid such hindrances during the Diet plan:

  • Increase your water or fluid intake to 2-3 quarts per day. Additional water or fluid will help in proper digestion. Constipation also may be one reason of plateau.
  • Avoid taking less than 500 calorie diet. The body may go to starvation mode and weight loss can be hindered.
  • You can do some light workouts, if you don't feel tired or weak.
  • You can increase your protein consumption by half an ounce. This can help you in case your body is leading towards starvation mode.
  • In case your bowel movement is irregular, you are advised to take a fiber supplement everyday. The colon can hold 5 pounds of stool, which can contribute to weight gain or weight stabilization.

The homeopathic drops of GreenHCG are premixed with Mag Phos cell salt. This would help to keep the bowel movement regular. Thus there is little scope of constipation. The Vitamin B12 contained in the drops helps to speed up the metabolic rate. The sublingual drops are available without prescription as per the FDA guidelines.

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