Different Forms Of HCG

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is available in various forms such as intra-muscular injections, sprays, pills and Homeopathic sublingual drops. HCG shots are administered under the skin or in muscle, whereas sprays is taken in the mouth. The pills are swallowed with water and sublingual drops are usually taken under the tongue for fast absorption of this hormone in the body. The users must maintain Dr. Simeons' weight loss protocol of 500 calorie diet and 125 i.u. to 200 i.u. hormone everyday for losing 42-44 lbs within 44 days.

Hcg is basically a naturally occurring hormone found in pregnant females in their initial months. This glycoprotein hormone is produced by the placenta to provide nourishment to the fetus. It is found that oral consumption or injection of this hormone in human body directs hypothalamus to generate more calories. So, introducing this hormone in the body, acts as a default process of burning out more calories only from abnormal fat banks. Dr Simeons discovered Hcg hormone as an active agent for weight loss in his book 'Pounds and Inches'. This hormone coupled with 500 calorie diet locates the abnormal fat in the body and breaks them to release calories. The abnormal fat banks are localized in different body parts such as chin, thighs, flabby arms or your bulging abdomen. Everyday intake of Hcg with the proposed VLCD can melt these fat banks and release 1500 to 4000 calories. This hormonal therapy has several health benefits:

  1. No hunger pangs as Hcg is constantly burning out the abnormal fat reserves in the body.
  2. Speeds up metabolism and other physiological functions in the body.
  3. Detoxes the body and improves the immunity system of the body.
  4. The Hcg users become more energetic.
  5. The users are focused in life by losing the excessive body weight through Hcg.

Now let's know more about the various modes of HCG and their performance in our body. If you are slightly obese or want to shed those extra pounds, it's high time to start the HCG weight loss protocol. For this you have to choose the appropriate mode of infusing this hormone in your body.

Injections :

Dr ATW Simeons in his book "Pounds and Inches", has mentioned intra-muscular shots as the means of taking Hcg in the body. But there are also other healthy ways to infuse Hcg. Lots of overweight people believe that intra-muscular injections are more effective than pills, sprays and diet drops.

Pros :

  • HCG shots are bit costly but effective.
  • According to Dr. Simeons' 'Pounds and Inches', injections are the oldest form of taking HCG.

Cons :

  • Shots often leads to pain and muscle cramps.
  • The process of mixing injection ingredients is bit complicated.
  • Users have to refrigerate the mixture for a prolonged use.
  • Many users have needle phobia.
  • Hcg injections can be bought from any pharmacy yet in many countries it needs a prescription.
  • It is the most primitive form HCG quite attuned to late 50s and 60s.
  • It is advisable to take HCG injections in the presence of a physician.

Sprays :

Hcg sprays is a new addition. It is like homeopathic sub lingual drops in many aspects. Anyone obese and above 16 years can take oral spray thrice a day after meals. Remember, the spray should be administered at the range of 125 to 200 i.u. However, there are possibilities of spraying more than the required Hcg.

Pros :

  • Spray prevents the bottle from getting contaminated by the contact of your mouth.
  • Comes in a handy bottle. you can use spray while traveling.
  • Easy to use.

Cons :

  • It is advisable to consult a physician before taking Hcg oral spray.
  • Hcg spray might cause irritation in your eyes and nose.

Pills :

The Hcg pills can be found online, over the counter in drug stores, clinics and supermarkets. If you are convinced by the performance of pills, you can rightly take them along with the 500 calorie diet. The pills also contain standard amount of Hcg that can be taken everyday for a rapid weight loss.

Pros :

  • Easy to take.
  • Pills melt easily when taken along with water.
  • Available at the standard range of 125 i.u. of Hcg.
  • Users can also get pills of 200 i.u. of Hcg.

Cons :

  • Pills are considered less affective than other forms because they hardly maintain the purity quotient of HCG.
  • Many users face problems in swallowing pills.

Homeopathic Sublingual Drops :

The Hcg sublingual drops are very effective for a dramatic weight loss during the protocol days. The drops are perhaps, the most simplest and healthy way to introduce this hormone in the body.

Pros :

  • The homeopathic sublingual drops are the least expensive and most effective form of Hcg with no side effects.
  • No pain and muscle cramps.
  • The drops are administered under the tongue.
  • Do not require any mixing job.
  • 10 drops thrice a day will shed 1-3 lbs.
  • Availability online and over the counter in drug stores.
  • Users do not have to show a prescription while purchasing the Hcg sublingual drops.
  • Homeopathic HCG drops do not have any expiry date and also have a great shelf life.
  • No need of refrigeration.

Cons :

  • It is advisable to procure Homeopathic diet drops from a US based trusted company.
  • Users have to wait 30 minutes before and after taking Hcg sublingual drops.

Hcg drops should be taken thrice a day but there might be chances of missing your timely hormonal intake due to various household and professional responsibilities.