HCG Diet And Cheating

Cheating on HCG diet can be a deadly sin. A dieter may not achieve expected results if he or she cheats in between the diet. The strict guidelines of this diet should be followed carefully for losing 1-pound daily without workouts. However some dieters fail to follow the food guidelines and ends up cheating. There’s no use of repenting later after committing a sin. There are ways to restart your diet program for achieving the same results without any plateau or weight gain.

What To Do After Cheating On HCG Diet ?

  1. If you have cheated during HCG diet, it’s advisable to re-start your diet program all over again. It’s of no use if you continue dieting. Start again with the loading phase after two days and try to follow 500-calorie diet plan throughout the maintenance phase.

  2. HCG diet only allows food mentioned in the Simeons’ book “Pounds and Inches” and eating anything not mentioned in the book can be termed as cheating. But don’t worry; you can easily take up few alternatives. Mixing vegetables can be allowed once although it’s strictly prohibited. Steamed food is harmless if you want to visit a restaurant during your HCG days however never ever mix sauce because they contain hidden calories.

  3. Start HCG protocol when you are mentally prepared for the diet only. Try not to cheat in your first try because too much cheating may cause weight gain instead of weight loss. Alcohol and smoking is completely prohibited during the diet hence going through the do and don’ts section is important.

  4. Drink plenty of water before restarting your HCG diet, drinking water not only cleanses your colon but also improves your digestive system. HCG diet plan is a permanent weight loss program that helps burning fat naturally. It also reforms your eating habits completely by resetting your Hypothalamus gland.