Cheating on HCG Diet

HCG diet is one of the most successful weight loss programs. However, there are still some reports of failure. In most of such cases, cheating has been the main reason. People have consciously or unconsciously crossed the limit of 500 calorie diet per day. The consequences have been sudden stop in the weight loss process or unsatisfactory result after completion of the plan.

What Is Cheating And How It Can Happen?

The primary criterion of the HCG diet is to follow Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). The dieter’s menu should not cross the limit of 500 calorie per day. Now, obese people often fail to adhere to this guideline and end up with failure. Let us have a look how cheating can happen.

  • Obese people feel more hunger as compared to the normal people. There is some sort of psychological compulsiveness in such kind of appetite. They just try to justify themselves that a slight quantity would not affect. In this process, they just over cross the limit.
  • People have habit of being over-enthusiastic while they are with friends or in restaurants. They often get carried away by persuasion. One such mistake can become the cause of massive calorie gain.
  • The dieters sometimes unconsciously overeat. The causes are unawareness or carelessness. They either don’t know the calorie value of the edibles they are taking or they just overlook it.
  • People often forget that fat can be deposited not only by eating but through some other ways also. They sometimes use the oil based cosmetics which can contribute to fat deposition. It can happen while the dieter is oiling some others hair or cooking some fatty edibles.

Tips to Avoid Cheating

Though some people find it extremely challenging to stick to the 500 calorie menu, proper planning can make your journey easier. Here are some tips which can help you to avoid cheating.

  • Take assistance from a professional dietician to formulate your diet chart. Divide the 500 calorie menu into 150 for breakfast, 200 for lunch and 150 for dinner. If you want to add some snacks, you can reduce the calorie count of breakfast or lunch.
  • In case you feel hungry, drink plenty of water. You can take some tea or coffee, but that should be without sugar. You can add some stevia drops as sweetener.
  • If you want to take some chicken, put it through George Foreman Grill. This would help you to drain away the fat in the meat.
  • Bring home a Digital Food Scale so that you can measure the calorie values of the edibles.
  • Whenever you buy some packaged foods, give a look on the ingredients table to check the calorie count.
  • Avoid eating in restaurants. You can prepare the delicious dishes in diet friendly manner at home. For that you can refer to HCG cook books. Find out all that you can eat on HCG Diet Approved Food & Drinks.
  • Go for the water based cosmetics. Even if you were using some oil based products, you can look for their water based counter parts. Almost all the famous brands produce water based cosmetics.
  • Wear latex gloves while cooking or oiling some others’ hair. These would help your hands not to come into contact of fat.

Your determination can help you to accomplish the HCG diet journey successfully. Always keep in mind that you have undertaken the program for some result. Don’t be tensed, rather be cheerful to think of the day when you will have a toned figure.

The HCG sublingual drops are homeopathic medicine. That’s why, they are free from side-effects. One can buy the drops without prescription as per the FDA guidelines.