Choose The Right HCG Diet Program

The number of rounds of HCG Diet Plan that you need to go through is mainly dependent on the number of pounds you would like to lose. During each round you could lose up to 40 pounds and depending on your target weight you could repeat the weight loss protocol. To find out what’s the best plan for you visit the Free HCG consultation page on our site, enter you height, weight & sex. The system will calculate your BMI & recommend the plan best suited to you.

Dosage Of HCG :

HCG hormone should be taken at the standard range .5 cc (10 drops) three times per day. Each 1 oz. bottle lasts about 15 days when you take 10 drops three times per day. If you know you are going for full 44 days which is 1 round of HCG protocol, you need to order three 1 oz. bottles per person per round.





Loading 10 Drops 3 Times Daily 1500 - 2000 Calories 2
Maintenance 10 Drops 3 Times Daily 500 Calories 21-40*
Stabilization No Drops Needed Calorie intake should be gradually increased upto 800 (Women) - 1000 (Men). Avoid Sugar & Starch. 21
Total   44
*Maintenance Phase is not restricted to mere 21 protocol days but can be stretched till 40 days.

HCG hormone should be taken at the standard range of 125 i.u. to 200 i.u. per day, where i.u is international units a standard way to measure HCG intake.

30-35 drops = 125 i.u. per day
36-40 drops = 150 i.u. per day
41-48 drops = 175 i.u. per day
49-60 drops = 200 i.u. per day

The dosage part being said let us know about the demonstration of HCG diet drops:

  1. First you have to determine with your physician on how much weight you have to lose. Then order your HCG requirement and go through the manual properly. Don’t haste or be over-enthusiastic as it will only cause confusion.

  2. Your HCG diet drops are pre-mixed and do not require any mixing with powdered HCG and sterile water. It makes your job easier.

  3. Once you have your HCG ampoule, take it firmly in your hand and rightly administer under your tongue. Hold your sublingual drops for few minutes once administered under the tongue.

  4. Take 10 drops thrice a day in a single attempt. As you follow the same thrice a day, your course of taking 125 to 200 i.u. HCG is fulfilled. This should be followed with 500 calorie diet. Also drink plenty of water throughout the day.

  5. Do not eat or drink 15 minutes after taking the drop.

The Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is found to be a healthy and efficient way to burn out abnormal fat if taken along with 500 calorie diet. To melt away the localized fat reserves from the body, you need to know the daily dosage and mode of administration of this hormone in your body. GreenHCG is least expensive and more powerful in the form of sublingual forms.