Dr. Simeons' "Pounds and Inches" - A Brief Study

Dr.Simeons' Pounds & Inches is known as the Bible of HCG diet plan. This book simplifies the entire weight loss process. So, let’s learn more about the theory behind treating obesity.

  1. What are the three basic causes of obesity ?
  2. What are the three kinds of fat ?

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Dr. Simeons' "Pounds and Inches" is considered to be the Bible of HCG diet Plan. It mainly describes the benefits of HCG and its role in weight loss. HCG is a glycoprotein hormone that is produced in pregnant females in their initial months. Simeons' discovery on Hcg speaks about its ability to crunch abnormal fat that consequently releases energy in the body. This hormonal therapy includes 500 calorie diet and a minimum dosage of 125 to 200 i.u.HCG daily. Simeons' "Pounds and Inches" mainly emphasizes the causes, symptoms and treatment of obesity through this natural hormone called HCG.

    Obesity A Disorder & Three Basic Causes Of Obesity

    • Obesity has emerged as a disorder mainly because of faulty eating habits and hectic lifestyle. Overweight people mainly accumulate fat by eating junks, sweets and starch without knowing where to stop.

    • Three basic causes of obesity are psychological aspects, compulsive eating habits and reluctance in losing weight. Irregular lifestyle can increase your weight, no matters you eat less. Not all the fat reserves in our body contribute in weight gain. There are categories of fat in our body each with different roles.

    Three Kinds Of Fat

    The 3 types of fat in our body are Structural, Normal and Abnormal fat.

    • The Structural fat acts as soft cushion or filling material between organs and bones.
    • The Normal fat is the fuel of the body.
    • The abnormal fat is the unlocked energy store house.

    The structural fat and normal fats have positive qualities as mentioned above in the body whereas Abnormal fat causes obesity and other health issues. These abnormal fat deposits are known as Fat Bank.

    Importance Of The Thyroid Gland, Pituitary Gland & Adrenals

    The thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands have very important roles in our body. These glands regulate other endocrine functions along with metabolism, controlling and mobilizing fatty substances. They balance the sugar level, appetite and involuntary functions of the body. Just like these hormones, Hcg is another beneficial natural hormone that has key role in reducing excessive body weight through its unique mechanism.

    The Nature Of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) & The Theory Of Treating Obesity

    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a naturally occurring hormone in human being. It was discovered by British physician, Dr. A.T.W Simeons in ‘Pounds and Inches’. This glycoprotein hormone targets the abnormal fat bank in your body and releases energy up to 4000 calories a day. The crucial part of this hormonal program is that, you have to maintain a 500 calorie diet along with 125 to 200 i.u. of HCG. No, you will not feel weak and impoverished by this diet. The reason behind this is that HCG prevents losing of structural and normal fat reserves, i.e. the last resort of body’s emergency fuel. This unique hormone only burns the abnormal fatty substance and release constant energy from them. Thus, as a user you are getting the additional supply of 1500 to 5000 calories along with the original 500 calorie diet.

    This hormonal therapy for weight loss has several positive qualities. Users undergoing this Hcg protocol will never feel hungry as the body is provided with constant energy released by burning out the chunks of abnormal fat. It accelerates metabolism that naturally trims down an obese figure. Moreover, Hcg detoxes the body and makes one energetic and focused in life. The best part of this program is that without serious workouts and a starving diet, you can lose 40 lbs and more in less than a month. However, the protocol demands a standard range of taking Hcg, which is 125 i.u. to 200 i.u. everyday. Both the genders can take Hcg diet drops or injections for safe removal of body weight.

    Use Of HCG For Men & Women

    Both men and women can use HCG to discard extra pounds from their body in few days. The Hcg weight loss has its own protocol, technique and duration, which needs to be followed by every users for maximum benefits.

    HCG Protocol, Technique & Duration

    The Hcg weight loss protocol stretches 44 days of absolute VLCD and 125 i.u. of hormone. If you are like most of us and want to shed your bulges and flabby muscles can undergo 3 Hcg Phases. Here are some more informations of this weight loss program:

    • There are 3 Hcg Phases (Loading,Maintenance and Stabilization). The program also include 1 Apple day as a Plateau Breaker. The protocol includes 500 calorie diet and 125 i.u. of Hcg everyday.
    • Regular intake of this hormone can shed 1-3 lbs in just 24 hours.
    • Hcg diet can shed 40 lbs and more in less than a month!
    • The HCG oral drops are taken under the tongue.
    • The shots are administered in the muscle or under the skin.
    • Though, it is a complete weight loss program and do not require any support courses, users can still take further course if they feel unsatisfied.

    Advantages of Homeopathic Sublingual Drops

    1. No side effects.
    2. Taken under the tongue.
    3. 10 to 48 drops can shed 1-3 lbs in just 24 hrs.
    4. No pain and muscle cramps.
    5. Require no mixing.
    6. Don’t have any expiry date.
    7. A great shelf life.

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