Can I Take Soft Drinks During HCG Diet Plan? What Happens If Exceed 500 Calorie During HCG Diet?

The soft drinks are generally not allowed during the HCG Diet Plan as they contain sugar. However, you can take two diet drinks daily. It is not advisable to exceed 500 calorie in the HCG Maintenance Period. Doing this, your weight loss may be disrupted. If you fail to stick on some day, you should skip the hormone dose for that day. If somehow you take more than 500 calorie after taking the dose, you may take a digestive enzyme and drink plenty of water.

You can take HCG after menopause. During post-menopausal stage, women face additional complications from obesity. During and before menopause fat is often stored around the thighs and hips. After menopause, this weight gain can move to the abdominal area. HCG can treat this type of obesity.