Can I Take Up HCG Diet Protocol If I Am A Vegan?

You can easily continue HCG Diet even if you are vegan. Veganism is the process of avoiding animal products for their use. Vegans usually reject the commodities which comes from the animal and avoid the usage of animal made products for any purpose. Being a vegan is itself a challenge as veganism is one of those changes that can be a matter of concern when one is looking for pure vegan restaurant while he or she is travelling. You can prepare some vegan recipes at home such as Fried brown rice, black beans and steamed vegetables, Sweet potato enchiladas, Strawberry bread, Thai-style stir-fried tofu, Sweet potato and asparagus quiche, Corndog minis, Homemade lemon Larabars, Lemon basil brown rice, Lentil bolognese tacos with avocado and hot sauce, Black bean and yellow and red pepper tacos, Don Lee Farms veggie patty with whole wheat pita and veggies, Miso soup and avocado rolls, Whole-wheat cold pasta salad, Tofu/veggie spring rolls, Whole-wheat spaghetti etc. There are several HCG cookbooks where you can find the vegan recipes for HCG Diet Phases.