I am on armour thyroid. Does HCG drops influence other medical conditions?

I have been doing the drops for about 10-11 days. I am finding that I am still really hungry. I have increased up to 10 drops-6 times is this safe and could I go higher. Also I am on armour thyroid, I have cut down by about 30 mg, because I thought I was going hyper. My wieghtloss has been good, but I am just hungry a lot of the time.

Answer: There is no need to panic or worry as body sometimes takes time to get accustomed to the hormones. You just continue with HCG the same way as you were doing till now. You need to maintain 500-calorie diet per day during maintenance phase. You need to drink more water and sleep for 8 hours at least on daily basis. Your energy & comfort level will increase as diet progress.

GreenHCG drops are homeopathic in nature and do not interfere with thyroid medications. However, we would recommend you to consult a physician before getting started with the diet.