How to break my second plateau?

I bought the two one-ounce bottles. When I began I weighed 138 and I finished the first bottle I lost 8 pounds. Now I\'m one the second bottle and I hit a plateau, so I just ate like four apples that day and in the morning I lost about two pounds. Now after that day I keep staying the same weight. I only eat around 400 calories sometimes less and I workout a lot. I take the drops as the plan says and I\'m not losing weight. What should I do? I wanted to lose 23 pounds. I wanted to weigh 115 but I\'m stuck at 129. My second bottle is almost half way. I\'m scared that my second bottle was just a waste. Please help me!

You have to add fiber rich food in your diet, which will break the plateau. It is mandatory to maintain 500-calorie diet plan throughout the diet regime for obtaining maximum benefits. Avoid rigorous workouts as it leads to retention of water. However, you can perform light exercise along with this diet regime. Drink lots of water as it also helps to discard the extra pounds within few day and help you reach the goal weight.