I am a single guy who hates cooking shopping etc.

Hey, I am a single guy who hates cooking shopping etc. I bought your complete plan and four bottles. Do you have a shopping list available so that I simply buy everything on it and then I have what I need? I see these recipes and I guess I don't get it. Is everything based on ounces of food? Do I need to buy a small scale? Measuring devices? I don't think I would have purchased the product if I would have done more research because I probably am not a good meal preparer. I started the first two day thing and then realized I didn't have any of the food stuffs I need or a itemized list to go purchase them. If you can help it would be great, I would like this to work out. My friends had great results but they are married and their wives did all the preparations. All they had to do is eat and take the drops.

Don't worry. Read the "HCG Diet Guide" properly. Everything is mentioned there.

The cookbook is available with every purchase, which we think would help you to prepare your menu. There are numbers of recipes available, which can be cooked without much trouble. The procedure that has been mentioned in the Recipe Book is absolutely diet-friendly. You can buy a Digital Food Scale (not mandatory).