I Have Iron Deficiency. Should I Take HCG?

Iron deficiency in the human body results in Anemia which often results in weakness and fatigue. While following Simeons HCG protocol, one is already on risk as he or she has to maintain 500 calorie diet with correct HCG dosage. If you are feeling too weak or fatigue to maintain normal activity, if this deficiency is making your work performance suffer, if you have slow cognitive responses, irregular body temperature or tongue inflammation then you can take iron supplements with HCG in such case. It is totally safe, as homeopathic medicines have nothing to do with other medications. HCG Protocol demands adequate sleep during the diet period. If you work at night, try to sleep for 8 hours at least during the daytime. There's no fixed time for taking HCG. You can take it at any time you want. However, you are advised to maintain a gap of 6 hours between the two doses.