Is Eating Sprouted Bread On HCG Diet Safe?

As per Dr Simeons original menu plan for HCG diet, there are certain foodstuffs such as bread, pastas or cereals due to presence of starch and carbohydrate upto huge extent. There are various weight loss programs which provides option to the dieters to have sprouted wheat bread. The major issue is that bread contains more calories as compared to melba toast which is 60 calories per serving. Ezekiel sprouted grain bread contains 80 calories per serving. It can prove to be difficult for the dieters to add a piece of bread in their meal plan when they are asked to maintain 500 calorie during phase 2 of HCG diet plan. A dieter can take Melba toast as an alternative to sprouted bread which can be taken during lunch or dinner or can be considered as snacks during the meal.