Is GreenHCG drops safe in diabetes? Is it safe for heart patients as well?

GreenHCG drops are homeopathic in nature and it can be continued with other medications. The oral drops are safe for the diabetics as they don't contain any sugar. Stevia is recommended as a sugar substitute. HCG diet protocol consists of VLCD and we do recommend you consult your physician before getting started with HCG diet as there are some health conditions which makes the diet either difficult or dangerous to follow. It is also advisable to follow this weight loss program under the supervision of medical expert or physician as he or she can monitor your progress and always make sure that the health is not compromised. The medications may need to be altered as per the sugar level.

Dieter need to consult a physician or medical expert before getting started with HCG diet incase he or she is suffering from heart ailment as we are not entitled to give any medical consultation on this matter.