Is HCG A Sex Hormone?

As everyone knows , HCG is the hormone produced only by ladies in the placenta during the 12-14 weeks of their pregnancy. It is one of the main ingredients in manufacturing HCG diet drops that helps in quick weight loss without any side effects. Some people are in disbelief that HCG is a sex hormone as it comes out of pregnant women. They are often in an anxiety if HCG could make their body think it pregnant or have any other kind of sexual effects.

It is to make everyone clear that HCG is not a sex hormone. Infact, itís a peptide hormone as it is made of protein. This hormone is produced by the developing embryo once it implants and begin to grow. HCG also allows the pregnant women to produce another hormone named as progesterone which plays a vital role to create blood vessels that deliver nutrients to the growing fetus.
Dr Simeons made research and discovered that HCG targets the abnormal fat stored in motherís body and move to the bloodstream. Without HCG, it becomes impossible for women to carry out the pregnancy to full term. He recommended HCG as one of the major ingredients that helps to pioneer the weight loss protocol. Therefore, the process of fat mobilization has nothing to do with sexual functions.