Is HCG Overdose Harmful?

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone associated with pregnancy. The hormone has the ability to interact with other hormones in the body, such as estrogen, and plays a role in the hormone level shifts that occur early in pregnancy. In recent years, HCG injections, supplemented with an extremely low calorie diet, have been used as a weight loss method. Though HCG may help you lose weight, overdosing on the drug can have serious side effects.

HCG is a hormone which is produced in the placenta of women during the first trimester of pregnancy. This hormone do interacts with other hormones in the body such as estrogen that plays a vital role in the hormone level shifts which occurs during the early stage of pregnancy. People sometimes use HCG injections as a weight loss method along with low calorie diet to lose extra pounds quickly. There are certain side effects which arise with the overdose of HCG such as increased cancer risk and early puberty. HCG overdose results in increased risk in the development of cancer. There are various types of cancer such as ovarian and uterine cancers that occurs in women as well as prostate and testicular cancers cells that develop in men. Using of HCG Injections by pre-pubertal adolescents can also have serious side effects. The major side effects of HCG overdose in boys before puberty age is deepened voice, acne, increased sweating and pubic hair growth.

One can easily avoid the side effects of HCG overdose by using HCG sublingual diet drops. These diet drops are homeopathic in nature and do not have any side effects. Overdosing doesn't cause any problem. But it is never recommended.