My Mother Is On HCG Diet. Can She Have Low Calorie Snacks On The HCG diet?

As per Simeons protocol, dieter needs to take low calorie food items along with correct HCG dosage during the diet period. The main objective behind this is to burn abnormal fat accumulated in different parts of the body. Dieter can lose upto 1-2 lbs per day and achieve success during the HCG diet plan provided Simeons protocol is followed strictly. Your mother can have low calorie snacks during the diet period but it should be low in fat and high in protein. Fish is highly recommended during the HCG diet plan as it is rich source of protein. She can take Tuna fish as snacks as it is high in protein and make her stay full. Celery can be one of the best options as it is low in calories as it is 15 calories preserving. Your mother can enjoy healthy snacks by combining celery with low calorie vegetable dip to help you suppress hunger pangs.