What food choices are there for a vegetarian on the HCG diet?

Some friends of mine who have looked at this diet don't like sea food either - what is the alternative for them?

Also, there is mention of eating eggs but, it says no two meals should be the same on any one day - what do you do?

And it mentions a steak day - is there a vegetarian alternative for the steak day?

There are lots of vegetarian options in HCG diet. We recommend eating lots of green vegetables. However, avoid mixing vegetables which may hamper the calorie balance. You can take salads, toned/ skimmed milk. Sea food is not necessary on HCG diet. What you have to follow is low calorie diet.

Eggs are allowed. But, make sure that you don't repeat it on the same day.

As alternative to steak day, you can have miracle noodles.