What should be the minimum interval between two HCG doses?

As per Simeons protocol, dieter is not allowed to eat or drink anything within next 30 minutes once the HCG drops are taken under the tongue. There should be a break of atleast fours hours between two HCG dosages if you are taking 10-15 drops thrice a day. Incase, it is 6-10 drops six times a day, then there should be break of atleast 2 -3 hrs after every dosage. It is not necessary that dieter should consume hormones only after taking low calorie diet but he or she should not eat anything for atleast half an hour as per Simeons protocol. Please maintain 500 calorie diet per day along with correct HCG dosage in order to make the HCG diet program successful.

One cannot take HCG diet drops in different dosage. If you are consuming 10 -15 drops, then you have to maintain it thrice a day till the completion of maintenance phase as dieter can skip the HCG drops during stabilization phase, which is the final phase of the HCG diet.

I.U is the international unit. The unit is used for vitamins, hormones, some medications, vaccines, blood products, and similar biologically active substances. Below the I.U dose for HCG is discussed for you.

30 drops = 125 I.U. per day

36 drops = 150 I.U. per day

42 drops = 175 I.U. per day

48 drops = 200 I.U. per day