What should I do if I encounter plateau during maintenance phase and stabilization phase?

If you notice plateau during maintenance phase, you don't need to be worried. There are two techniques to solve plateaus I)
Apple Day Diet: The apple day starts from lunch and ends up on next day lunch. During this period, six apples are given to the dieters. II) The second method is to give non-mercurial diuretic for one day. You should drink plenty of water during this time. Increase you protein consumption by half an ounce. This can help you in case your body is leading towards starvation mode. During the Stabilization Phase, weight loss gets minimized and becomes stable at certain point. So, this can't be regarded as plateau.

Generally, people don't face plateau during the first week of HCG Diet Plan. However, if you notice any kind of weight gain or stabilization in this period of time, you have to take an "Apple day diet" or non-mercurial diuretic for one day. The best method is to take six apples for one day, from lunch to lunch. You should drink plenty of water to avoid constipation. You may take fiber supplement to make your bowel movement good.