Expert HCG Diet Tips For Vegetarians

The British Endocrinologist Dr. A.T.W. Simeons made an important discovery in the health science by introducing Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone in the treatment of obesity. In last few decades when obesity has become a serious concern for the health scientists, the HCG weight loss program is quite successful in solving it. protocol is designed in such a manner that it suits every section of people; vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

HCG Diet Is Vegetarian Friendly

HCG protocol recommends strict adherence to Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) to ensure weight loss. During the maintenance phase, one has to maintain 500 cal / day diet.

For the vegetarians who take milk and other dairy products, Dr. Simeons suggested taking 500 cc of skimmed or toned milk. They are allowed to take ½ cup of non-fat cottage cheese or non-fat plain yogurt without sugar. Stevia drops can be used as a sweetener. The vegetarians can’t take customary vegetable protein sources such as rice, wheat etc. because of their starch content. Instead, they can go for soy products like soymilk, soybean etc., which are rich source of protein. It is a smart idea to bring home a HCG Diet Cook Book which is loaded with numerous vegetarian recipes for different phases.

Steak Day Alternative For Vegetarian Dieters

To deal with the sudden weight gain during the stabilization phase, Dr. Simeons suggested
steak day, which include fasting for the whole day and a large steak cooked in oil or butter with an apple or a raw tomato in the dinner. However, the vegetarians have other options to substitute the steak. They can incorporate non-flavored pea protein powder burgers-with quinoa, and something to bind it. Tofutti sour cream can serve as a good binder, with olive oil and seasoning mix without sugar. Otherwise, the vegetarians can use olive oil, (or coconut oil), and liquid smoke, seasoning, and organic salsa. Miracle noodles/ magic noodles can be another alternative.

Vitamin B12 Is Essential For The Vegetarian Dieters

Vitamin B12 is a vital nutrient for the human body. It ensures production of healthy Red Blood Cells (RBCs) and also plays a significant role in the metabolic process. The natural sources of B12 vitamin are Meat, Poultry, Milk and other dairy products, Eggs, and Fish. Since the vegetarians miss the natural sources of B12 most of the times, they are advised to take supplementary vitamin. They have to inject it or take orally. GreenHCG offers sublingual HCG drops premixed with B12. In such case, they don’t need to take supplementary vitamin.

There are different forms of HCG available in the market, viz., injections, pills, gels, sprays and oral drops. However, people prefer the sublingual drops to other forms. The homeopathic drops are free from all kinds of side effects. As per the FDA rules, these can be purchased without prescription. The oral drops are quite easy to administer. Since they are pre-diluted, it takes hardly five minutes to get dissolved in the blood.