Important Tips To Get Started On HCG Diet

HCG diet is a strict weight loss program that requires extreme dedication, discipline and understanding. This diet program claims to discard unwanted fat banks quickly however it is advisable to follow the protocol correctly for attaining maximum results. HCG diet is a combination of HCG hormone and 500-calorie diet, which not only help reducing fat banks but also completely renews your eating habits.

Research: Doing research is the first step to achieve success. You should read informative articles, comments, blogs and collect necessary information before taking up HCG diet plan
Read Dr. Simeons Procotol: Dr. Simeons discovered the potency of HCG hormone in the year 1950. It is advisable read his book Pounds & Inches for attaining maximum results. 
Drink Plenty Of Water: Proper water intake is important for losing weight. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily during this diet. 
Oil Free Lotions, Baby Oil, Mineral Oil: Use oil free products during HCG diet. It's only a matter of 30-40 days hence you should be able to stay away from regular cosmetics. 
Food Seasonings Can Be Added: According to Dr. Simeons' Pounds & Inches, food seasonings are allowed.
Use Stevia: Avoid sugar and use Stevia instead for adding sweetness. 
Avoid Diet Soda, Alcohol: HCG diet prohibits the consumption of Soda and Alcohol. Having these products during HCG diet can cause adverse results. 
Take Your Measurements: It is advisable to take your weight measurements daily for tracking your weight loss throughout the process. 
Eat Fiber: Add lots of fiber during HCG very low calorie diet for preventing constipation. Fibers help regulating your bowel movement. It also prevents HCG plateau. You can also take Green Tea during HCG diet that can act as excellent laxative. 
Use HCG Diet Friendly Personal Care Products, MakeUp, Shampoos: Take a day out and gather HCG diet friendly products that won’t take more than 1-2 hours. It is advisable to use organic, oil free personal care products, makeup and shampoos.
Get Involve In HCG Communities ( Facebook & Youtube): You should preferably take part in active facebook discussion and share your weight loss journey with like minded people. There is a huge community of HCG dieters in Facebook. You can easily get lots of support by socializing in these communities. 
Weigh All Meats Before Cooking (Use Food Scale For Measurement): It is advisable to weigh all Meats before cooking for keeping the calories under limit.
Digital Scale: Buy a Digital Scale for weighing yourself daily during HCG diet regime. It mainly helps the dieter for tracking his/her daily weight loss.
Groceries: Get your groceries according to Simeons' Protocol: Don’t buy anything that’s not mentioned in Simeons’ HCG protocol. HCG dieters can have only food mentioned in the book Pounds & Inches.
Choose Your Start Date Appropriately (For women): It is advisable to schedule it around TOM (Time of Month). Always start loading in the first and second day of Female cycle that is when you can have comfort food. Keep in mind about forthcoming events before starting HCG diet because there's lots of food indulgence during festivals and cheating during HCG diet won't provide requisite results.

Excess Oil In Foods, Cooking Or On Body: Avoid using these products for preventing the intervention of oil intake during the diet plan. HCG diet plan is an effective therapy that works if the dieter follows the instructions correctly. 
Mix Or Combine Vegetables: Mixing vegetables during HCG diet are not allowed according to Simeons' protocol. Simeons’ Book Pounds and Inches completely prohibit mixing and doing this may cause adverse results. 
Remove Visible fat: All visible fat should be removed before cooking. It keeps the user away from unwanted fat intake. 
Sugar Or Gum: Avoid Sugar and gum completely. Use Stevia instead of sugar during HCG diet. Avoid foods that are heavy with starch
Avoid Substitution of Food ltems: It’s advisable to select food items mentioned in Simeons’ protocol only. Never try substitution of food during HCG diet. 
No Massages With Oil During HCG Diet Plan: Avoid Massaging the Body with Oils, Lotions or creams however you can easily use baby oil, oil free, organic products. Avoid getting Manicures or Pedicure where Oil or Lotion is being massaged into skin.
Cheating Is Prohibited. Cheating on HCG diet can cause adverse results.
Mix The HCG Diet Protocol With Other Diet Plans: Never try it. Keep it simple and enjoy all the benefits.
Smoke: Smoking isn't allowed during HCG diet. It can cause negative results such as weight loss plateau, constipation and weight gain. 
Heavy Workout: Avoid heavy workouts however you can easily take up light exercises like Yoga, brisk walking etc. during HCG diet.