GreenHCG Info Pack

The success of HCG diet for weight loss mainly depends upon the way you implement the diet regime. It’s a strict diet plan that needs to be followed with extreme dedication and discipline. GreenHCG help dieters to overcome all obstacles to make his/her weight loss journey a definite success by providing HCG info pack worth $89.95 for free.

HCG Info Pack contains HCG Diet Guide, 27 HCG Diet Recipes, 39 Secrets to lose belly fat and HCG diet kit. HCG Info Pack is only available in Digital Format, which will be sent directly to your Email Address during the time of purchase.

What Is Inside The Info Pack?

HCG Diet Guide : This ebook explains HCG Diet protocol - (Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization) with a simple approach. Dieters don’t have to look for other HCG diet related help after reading this wonderfully written HCG diet guide.

Table Of Contents :
  • Preface
  • What Is HCG? Introduction
  • What Is Homeopathy?
  • HCG Oral Drops Diet Instructions
    • Phase 1 - Loading Phase
    • Phase 2 - Maintenance Period
    • Phase 3 - Stabilization Period
  • Pros And Cons Of HCG Diet Weight Loss Program
  • Plateau Breakers During HCG Diet
  • Top 4 Reasons For Failure With The HCG Diet
  • HCG Shopping List - A Must Read Before You Buy Your Groceries
  • A Peek Into Simeons Weight loss Protocol
  • Golden Rules Of HCG Diet Plan
  • Conclusion
27 HCG Diet Recipes: This is the ultimate cookbook for HCG users. All the recipes mentioned in this ebook are especially designed for Very Low Calorie HCG diet plan in accordance to Simeons’ HCG Diet menu. 27 HCG Diet Recipes is a collection of handpicked Beverages, Fruits, Salads, Soups, Entrees, Desserts and Phase 1, 2 & 3 recipes.
39 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat: Some very fresh approaches like easy lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments and innovations are the main highlights of this book. You will be able to unlock many new ways to make your weight loss journey successful by reading these secrets. Learn the habits of a successful loser, don’t compare yourself with others, change your lifestyle for good. This amazing ebook helps you psychologically to master the art of weight loss. Read this book to know more.
HCG Diet Kit: It includes HCG Diet Do's and Don'ts, Sample HCG 5-day Plan with recipes, HCG Calorie Sheet, Tracking Sheet 1 & Tracking Sheet 2, Pounds and Inches and Foods to be avoided.

  • HCG Diet Do's and Don'ts: Read the common dietary errors and the golden rules to succeed in this program. Learn the technique before any one else.
  • Sample HCG 5-day Plan with recipes: This gives you a brief idea to organize your food menu for starting the diet plan.
  • HCG Calorie Sheet: Complete list of Food recommended during HCG diet with calories.
  • Pounds and Inches: Dr. Simeons’ Book Pounds and Inches is the basis of HCG diet protocol. Get this book for free inside the info pack.
  • Tracking Sheets: You can use them to track your day-to-day weight loss.
  • Foods to be avoided: List of food that needs to be avoided during the HCG diet plan.
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GreenHCG Info pack not only helps HCG dieters to follow the protocol correctly but also help changing their lifestyle.. HCG diet plan is a permanent weight loss solution that mainly targets the abnormal fat banks and helps refurbishing your eating habits permanently. The power of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops and 500 calorie diet can do wonders for losing fat quickly. Getting started with this plan is easy however it is advisable to understand the protocol properly for attaining maximum benefits.