How To Avoid HCG Diet Mistakes?

HCG Diet is the latest buzzword, which is a blend of HCG hormone and Very Low Calorie Diet. Most people are skeptic about the diet and despise the fact that HCG Plan demands the dieter to remain under 500-calorie limit. But the fact is HCG diet plan never makes you feel hungry or weak during your weight loss regime as the hormone present in the drops burns only localized fat banks resting on your thighs, hips, chin and abdomen that consequently releases 1500-2000 calories extra into your body during the protocol.

HCG Diet promises permanent weight loss however there will be temptations to cheat and eat more during your initial days as human body is accustomed to high calorie food. HCG diet slowly refurbishes your eating habits by resetting your hypothalamus hence the dieter gets used to the diet plan and lose weight naturally.

HCG Diet is a strict protocol that allows selected foods and drinks during the diet regime. Dr. ATW Simeons in the year 1950 conceptualized this diet plan after an extensive research. HCG Diet is a combination of (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone and Very Low calorie Diet that promises to shed weight permanently however some people struggle to lose weight and ends up feeling hungry and weak. In order to achieve goal weight without trying hard, dieters should avoid common HCG Diet mistakes.

Cheating: HCG Diet is a low calorie diet hence temptations do distract the dieters to indulge in high calorie foods. Human body is used to high calorie foods therefore they easily gets tempted to cheat which is extremely prohibited during HCG Diet. It is advisable to strictly maintain 500 calories during the maintenance phase. Cheating during HCG diet causes weight loss stalls.

Alcohol: HCG Diet doesn’t allow alcohol consumption. In order to lose one-pound daily, the dieter should avoid drinking anything that contain alcohol.

Heavy Workouts: HCG Diet naturally helps burning localized fat resting on your thighs, hips, belly and chin however some dieters make mistakes by doing heavy physical activities like lifting weights, running, swimming etc during the diet. One should completely avoid heavy exercises during HCG diet to lose weight as promised in the protocol. There’s no harm in doing light workouts such as Yoga, brisk walking etc.

Loading Days: The initial two days of loading during HCG diet is important. Eating high calorie fatty foods is extremely important. Most dieters don’t eat much during these days, which is why they feel hungry in the initial days of the maintenance phase. It is advisable to eat lots of high calorie food during your loading days.

Mixing Vegetables: Simeons’ protocol doesn’t allow mixing vegetables during the diet. Some dieters make huge mistakes by doing so. In order to avoid such errors, one should read Simeons’ Foods and Drinks recommended during HCG Diet.

Water: Drinking enough water is a necessity during the diet plan. Most dieters don’t drink enough water hence they face early plateau. It is advisable to drink at least 10-15 glasses of water daily during HCG Diet.

Fiber: Adding fiber to your diet mainly keeps your bowel movement stable during the diet. Soluble fibers also help slowing down your digestion process that consequently prolongs the sense of fullness during the diet plan. HCG Diet recommends Miracle Noodles. These noodles are 100% free from calories, gluten, soy and carbohydrates. One serving of these noodles that contain 140 calories after preparation can be taken daily.

Sleep: Proper sleep during HCG diet is crucial for losing one-pound daily. One should avoid staying awake late during the protocol. It is advisable to sleep at least 8-12 hours during the protocol.