Golden Rules Of HCG Diet

  1. 500 Calorie Diet Is Mandatory 500 calorie diet is mandatory in HCG weight loss protocol. The combination of 500 calorie diet and 125 i.u. hormone can shed 1-3 lbs from the total body weight of a dieter.

  2. Understand The Phases Well - There are 3 HCG Phases. These are Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization Phases. The initial 2 days are loading phase while there are 21 days each with the final 2 stages.

  3. No Cheating - Cheating is the main reason behind the failure with HCG weight loss program. Dieters who are not strictly following 500 calorie diet everyday or nibbling now and then are more vulnerable to put on weight.

  4. No Breaks - No breaks are acceptable during 44 day HCG weight loss plan. Breaks would completely nulify the gains & you would have to redo the complete plan from day 1.

  5. Understand Side Effects So You Could Be Ready For Them - HCG Diet have generally have no side effects but you may experience mild headache, constipation, lethargy etc. Whatever they are be prepared to tide over these minor inconveniences.

  6. Monitor your Weight & Inches Regularly - It is very important to monitor your weight and inches regularly. The sheer happiness to see your weight drop consistently will be motivating enough to complete the protocol.

  7. Be Ready For Weight Plateau Weight plateau is a phase when a dieter’s weight losing tendency comes to a stall. This stagnancy is broken by HCG Apple Day, where one has to eat 6 apples a day to regain normalcy.

  8. Never Miss Your Doses Skipping your HCG doses can be a hindrance in your weight loss goal. Missing your dose can increase your fat sometimes. You might feel weak if you do not take regular dosage but stick to VLCD
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  10. Avoid Cosmetics & Makeup - Avoid cosmetics and make up that contains laxatives, animal adipose and essential oils. These unwanted greasy substances contribute in the abnormal fat loading and for this reason HCG dieters should not use them.

  11. No Alcohol - No alcohol should be consumed while undergoing the HCG weight loss program. As this hormone stimulates hypothalamus, dieters, however, do not feel the necessity of taking intoxicated drinks.

  12. Plan Your Grocery List - Plan your grocery list smartly, read the labels carefully, there are lot ingredients like Hydrogenated Oil, Fructose Corn Syrup, Wheat Gluten, etc which are extremely unhealthy and need to be avoided. To be safe stick to organic food and fruits.

  13. Wait To Celebrate Your Success... Good Luck With The Protocol