Detailed Comparison Between HCG Diet and Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr Oz has recently started the craze of Green Coffee beans for weight loss. Let us review the results and find out if they are as reliable and long term as HCG Diet.

HCG Diet

Green Coffee Bean Extract

It’s a sustained weight loss program, which performed well in the past couple of years. Weight lost during this protocol never comes back as HCG diet also helps in resetting the hypothalamus gland along with weight loss. HCG Dieters have usually lost 7-8 pounds in a week. It became the latest craze after Dr.Oz featured this product on his TV show. Although it will be very early to tell about its effectiveness, but according to recent results this product has the capability to make you lose around 18 pounds of fat in 6 weeks.
HCG diet protocol is a very planned weight loss plan. Only targets the abnormal fat located in your hips, thighs, belly, abdomen etc. Dieters don’t have to change their regular lifestyle and can eat anything with Green Coffee Bean Extract diet.
Also helps resetting your Hypothalamus gland that consequently refurbishes your eating habits permanently. Green Coffee extract not only inhibits the release of glucose in your body that consequently increases metabolism but also helps your body to fight free radicals and cleanses your colon.
10 Drops 3 Times Daily (except stabilization phase) 180-200 mg per day. 6 capsules daily.
Targeted Areas for Weight loss
It has a added advantage as HCG diet only targets the abnormal fat banks located on your Belly, Chin, Abdomen, Hips, Thighs. It targets the whole body.
HCG Diet is safe however it’s advisable to understand the diet protocol properly for achieving maximum results. Green Coffee bean extract can be taken daily. You can eat anything during the diet. It’s advisable to consult a physician before taking up this product.
Side Effects
Slight Headache Initial hunger pangs
Nausea Constipation
Active Components
The active components in HCG Diet are HCG Hormone, Vitamin B12, Cell Salts and Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) Chlorogenic acid is the main ingredient in Green Coffee Extract that helps burning fat naturally.
One bottle of HCG Drops will cost you $49.95 that can be used for 15 days. One bottle of Green Coffee Bean Extract will cost you $50 that can be used for 1 month.
Three bottles are enough for one round of HCG Diet that will cost you $147. Can be used for 45 days. Three bottles of Green Coffee Extract will cost you $100. Can be used for 3 months. 6 bottles is the standard requirement that will cost you $150.
HCG Diet should be followed strictly. Cheating, Alcohol consumption and smoking may cause adverse results. It’s advisable to follow a decent meal plan although you can eat almost everything during Green Coffee Bean Extract diet.
Only foods mentioned in Simeons’ book are allowed. Avoid Alcohol and smoking.
Long-term Weight loss
It’s a permanent weight loss therapy. It also promises to discard fat permanently but due to the newness of this product, results are yet not confirmed.
There are thousands of testimonials available online as it’s a comparatively an old product. Less Testimonials because of the freshness of this product.
HCG Diet is lot more tested than Green Coffee Bean Extract. It’s considered to be the most preferred choice for weight loss worldwide. Green Coffee Bean Extract is a new product hence its credibility for weight loss is still not confirmed.
Ways to Order
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