Allopathic HCG Injections vs Homeopathic HCG drops

HCG Injections

HCG Sublingual Drops


1-3 Pounds of weight loss per day. Equally effective and can easily help shed 1-3 pounds a day.


HCG injections are effective up to a certain limit. The homeopathic sublingual drops are diluted and hence, more powerful.
Fast absorption Ready made and does not require any mixing job.


Taken under the skin and in muscles. The sublingual drops are administered under the tongue. 


The shots usually have expiry date on them. No expiry date.
Does not have a great shelf life. A great shelf life. 


Infections, swelling and itchiness from injections. No fear of infections from the sublingual drops.

Side Effects

Shots often cause pain, lumps and muscle cramps. No pain and cramps.
Nausea, vomiting and dizziness are common with shots. Diet drops are bio-chemic in nature and hence, free of side effects.


The shots require refrigeration. The homeopathic sublingual drops do not require refrigeration.


Highly expensive The diet drops are least expensive and highly effective.
300 to 400 $ per 1000 i.u. 70 $ to 100 $ per 1 oz.


Requires prescription while purchasing. Do not have to show prescription. 
Needs caution while mixing the ingredients of injections.  Pre-mixed ready made drops. 

Presence of Physician



Mixing and administration of shots are complicated. Easy to use.