HCG Diet Guidelines

  1. Can I Take Up HCG Diet Protocol If I Am A Vegan?
  2. Can HCG drops be used in the treatment of obesity among children?
  3. Are chocolates and chewing gums allowed during the HCG diet?
  4. What can be healthiest breakfast, lunch and dinner during the maintenance phase of HCG diet period?
  5. Is Eating Sprouted Bread On HCG Diet Safe?
  6. Are Pastries, Cakes, Ice Creams and beverages Allowed On HCG Diet?
  7. Can I Take Laxatives On HCG diet?
  8. My Mother Is On HCG Diet. Can She Have Low Calorie Snacks On The HCG diet?
  9. Can I Use Sunflower Oil & Olive Oil In Preparing Chicken Recipes & For Preparing Meals On HCG Diet?
  10. What Is VLCD & HCG And How They Are Related?
  11. Is smoking and alcohol Allowed During HCG Diet Protocol?
  12. Is it necessary to take frozen food during the HCG diet plan? Can I Take Spices During HCG Diet?
  13. Is HCG Overdose Harmful?
  14. Can I Take Soft Drinks During HCG Diet Plan? What Happens If Exceed 500 Calorie During HCG Diet?
  15. What should I do if I encounter plateau during maintenance phase and stabilization phase?
  16. I Have Iron Deficiency. Should I Take HCG?
  17. Is It Safe To Take HCG Drops During Menstruation Period?
  18. Is GreenHCG drops safe in diabetes? Is it safe for heart patients as well?
  19. Is It Necessary To Weigh Daily During HCG Diet Protocol?
  20. Is Exercising Allowed On HCG Diet?
  21. Will I Gain The Weight Back After The HCG Diet?