Past Customer Queries

  1. Do you have a shopping list available so that I simply buy everything on it and then I have what I need?
  2. What is the maximum days someone can be on the HCG diet taking the drops?
  3. Is HCG Diet Advised with thyroid condition?
  4. Is it safe to use GreenHCG drops to attain pre baby weight of 9 stone?
  5. How are GreenHCG drops manufactured?
  6. How can 500 calories during HCG Protocol be considered healthy?
  7. I am a single guy who hates cooking shopping etc.
  8. Is it ok to use chicken and fish that is not natural or items that are not organic?
  9. What food choices are there for a vegetarian on the HCG diet?
  10. I am reaching my 15th day here but I am exactly where I want to be.
  11. I have lost 31 pounds in 27 days and do not want to lose my momentum.
  12. I only have about some lbs that I need to lose. If I reach this before the end of the 44 days, what do I do?
  13. How to receive the RMA number so I can return the remaining drops?
  14. I have lupus and RA.Will the hormone shots affect my disease ?
  15. Is this unrealistic and is it possible for me to be using too much salt?
  16. How to break my second plateau?
  17. How much vegetables I can have to stay within the 500 cal limit?
  18. Is it possible to use the product just as an appetite suppressant?
  19. How HCG Diet Reset Hypothalamus Gland?
  20. Is this good enough to start HCG diet again after cheating?
  21. The Pregnancy test showed negative results. Is there no HCG in your drops?
  22. I have cheated few times during HCG Diet. Should I stop and restart?
  23. I am on armour thyroid. Does HCG drops influence other medical conditions?
  24. Where can I get HCG Diet Cook Book that contains vegetarian recipes?
  25. HCG Diet And Caffeine Is Caffeine Allowed During HCG Diet?
  26. Are All HCG Drops The Same?
  27. HCG Diet Drops And Fertility Do HCG Drops Affect Birth Control?