HCG Diet Plateau Breakers

HCG Diet Plan is a strict weight loss therapy, which is a combination of 500 calories and HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) drops. During this protocol, the dieter is only allowed to eat foods mentioned in the protocol and anything beyond the scope of the approved meal plan is prohibited. There are various reasons for weight loss stalls/plateau during the dieting period. In order to avoid unwanted HCG stalls, the dieter should follow the below mentioned tips.

List Of Major HCG Stall Breakers For Fast Fat Loss

  • Apple Day :

    It’s considered to be the best way to break weight loss plateau during HCG diet. You can have 6 apples and water to break the stall. No other food is allowed during this period. An apple day ensures fat loss where you experience a gratifying loss next day. The process also cleanses your colon and enriches your skin tone. Dieters usually lose 2-3 pounds after an apple day.

  • Increase Water Intake:

    Constipation is the main reason for a weight loss plateau during HCG diet and increasing water or fluid intake helps nourishing your bowel movement that consequently enhances your digestion. Proper digestion is important for losing weight continuously during HCG diet period.

  • Below 500 calories :

    It’s advisable to count your calories for preventing weight loss stalls. Dieters should never eat anything below 500 calories that may take his/ her body into starvation mode. It should 500 calories - nothing more, nothing less.

  • Brisk walking :

    Another way to break weight loss stalls during HCG Diet is brisk walking. It not only burns some extra fat but also reforms your bowel movement. It is advisable to do brisk walking for 10-20 minutes daily for breaking as well as preventing HCG diet plateau.

  • Add Fiber :

    Another way to break HCG stalls is to eat food with high fiber content. You can add more fibers in your diet as they help cleansing your colon that usually holds 5 pounds of stool during constipation.

  • Increase Protein Consumption:

    If your body goes in starvation mode during HCG diet, you are allowed to add protein by half an ounce.

    HCG Diet if followed properly, you will see a drastic change in your body. HCG Diet promises to discard one pound of ugly fat daily without heavy workouts. There are thousands of testimonials available in the web that verifies the authenticity of this diet plan. HCG lost during this diet never returns back. HCG diet is a permanent weight loss therapy.