How To Weigh Yourself On HCG Diet ?

It is very important to keep a track of your body weight in any diet plan. A successful weight loss depends mostly on your awareness and sincerity. Many dieters witness fluctuations in weight loss & get de-motivated. Some tend to stop the diet plan and others carry out without the zeal. There might be several reasons behind this which remains unknown to most of the users. The primary reasons behind inconsistent weight loss are uncalibrated weighing machine, constipation, dietary negligence, improper timing of weighing etc. The set of instructions given on this article will give you a fair idea of what to do and what not to during HCG diet protocol.

Tips To Correctly Weigh Yourself On HCG Diet

Things To Do

  • It is better to weigh yourself early morning after urination. It is good to weigh after having a satisfactory bowel movement.

  • Use a digital weighing machine for an accurate count of your body weight. Get it well calibrated instead of using multiple weighing machines.

  • Jot down your weight in decimal points in your daily diet chart so that you can keep a track of your fat loss.

  • Weigh yourself wearing only basics. An extra shirt, hand gloves or a pullover can increase the decimals giving you a wrong perception of your body mass.

Things To Avoid

  • Do not weigh yourself after drinking too much water and having meals.

  • Give your daily weighing a miss if you had a bad sleep last night.

  • If you are having constipation, do not weigh yourself as a stiff stomach will naturally increase your body weight which is not a part of your actual body mass.

Weighing Tips On HCG Diet:

  • During loading phase, don’t panic if you see rise in weight.

  • Weighing yourself every morning during Maintenance and Stabilization phases is a good idea.

  • Check your weight if you have encountered a plateau. In HCG diet a plateau is broken by consuming 6 apples in a whole day. Only water and that also in a very little amount can be taken.

  • A 500 calorie diet might lead to constipation on HCG diet. For constipation include fiber & lots of fluid in your diet. Psyllium power with water is also beneficial but do your research before you take it.

As an HCG user, you must have seen various forms of this hormone available online and over the counter drug stores. There are injections, pills, sprays, gels and sublingual drops. Lots of obese people take the diet drops for a healthy removal of abnormal fat banks from the body.

  • The sublingual drops are administered under the tongue.
  • Painless and do not lead to any muscle cramp.
  • Pre-mixed.
  • No expiry date and has a great shelf life.
  • The drop comes very handy while traveling.
  • 10 drops thrice a day alongwith 500 calories can shed 1-3 lbs.
  • Inexpensive.