HCG And Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

VLCD(Very Low Calorie Diet) Menu needs to be followed carefully for achieving your goal weight. VLCD coupled with HCG drops can make you shed 1 pound daily. Know these facts for making your weight loss journey successful and memorable.

  1. Why spend the money on the HCG products ?
  2. How VLCD coupled with HCG work ?
  3. Is 500-calorie diet for losing weight safe ?
  4. Why only VLCD for weight loss unsuccessful ?

Please watch this 3 min Free Video carefully to get all your answers & understand how HCG diet protocol coupled with VLCD helps you to get rid of unwanted fat.

HCG diet was discovered by Dr. A.T.W Simeons for losing weight with the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). This naturally accumulating protein hormone develops during pregnancy & works directly with the Hypothalamus gland for controlling fat in our body. This hormone is available in various forms such as injections, pills, sprays and Homeopathic drops.

Working Of HCG Diet

HCG is found naturally in pregnant woman. The main function of this hormone is to provide continuous supply of energy during pregnancy. HCG Diet consists of introduction of HCG in the body, coupled with VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet). Due to the presence of HCG, the body does not starve on a low calorie diet & hormone’s natural capability to extract energy from abnormal fat keeps the body energized and healthy throughout the diet. The best part about HCG is it mainly burns abnormal fat without effecting structural & normal fat, which is chiefly responsible for obesity and other health issues.

Losing up to 1 Pound A day

Introduction of HCG in the body mainly helps in breaking down the abnormal fat resources that consequently releases calories, proteins and fats into your bloodstream. During this process your body not only get 500 calorie from the diet but 1500-4000 calories supplemented from the energy released from your abnormal fat stores. The consistent weight loss keeps you motivated and HCG maintains your high metabolic rate throughout the entire diet plan. As a result you would lose upto 1 pound of Abnormal Fat each day.

HCG diet plan includes VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet), regular sleep, high water intake and HCG drops/injections. Unlike other diet plans, this nutrition needs to be followed with utter sincerity. Cheating on a HCG diet is not permitted for various reasons:

  1. Cheating on this diet may cause reverse impact and you are most likely to gain weight instead of losing weight.
  2. It is mandatory to maintain 500-calorie diet plan throughout the diet regime for obtaining maximum benefits.
  3. You shouldn’t perform exercises during the session and take proper rest.
  4. In order to make this weight loss memorable and happy, one should take up various low calorie interesting and sumptuous recipes.

HCG Diet Plan Works In Phases

  • There are three major phases in this diet plan. They are known as loading, maintenance and stabilization period. Stipulated days are assigned for every phase. For example loading phase lasts for 2 days while Maintenance and Stabilization phase lasts for 21 days each. The standard 43 day HCG diet plan is usually suggested to obese people. Yet, you may continue this plan for losing weight further.
  • HCG diet plan mainly focuses on permanent weight loss unlike other processes. Therefore, your body never starts picking up fat after the completion of this Diet Plan.

How To Obtain Maximum Benefits From This Diet Plan?

  • In order to obtain maximum benefits from HCG diet plan, one should avoid over enthusiasm during the entire dieting session. One should not take up this plan during pregnancy and menstruation.
  • HCG homeopathic drops blended with a 500 calorie diet helps in boosting metabolism in your body naturally that consequently discards fat from hips, abdomen, buttocks, neckline and thighs with ease. A standard range of 125 i.u. to 200 i.u. daily is mandatory for losing 1 pound everyday.
  • Oral Homeopathic drops are considered to be the safest way to introduce HCG hormone in our body.

Advantages Of HCG Homeopathic Drops

  1. Simple Administration
  2. Inflicts no pain, muscle cramps and body lumps unlike injections.
  3. Diet drops acts faster compared to its other forms.
  4. You don’t have to mix them.
  5. It can be easily administered without the presence of a physician.
  6. Homeopathic HCG is the purest form of this hormone because it’s manufactured after a series of dilution.
  7. You should take 10 drops thrice a day on daily basis in order to acheive effective results
  8. HCG sublingual or diet drops dissolves faster as they are taken under your tongue.

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