Before Getting Started With HCG Protocol

Once you have decided to lose weight with HCG, you have to make sure that your endeavor may produce some fruitful results. Focus, Planning and Preparation are the three things that you need to do before you start HCG diet.

  1. Do Some Research

    Prior to start your course, you have to carry out a detailed research to know all about HCG. You are advised to study the "Pounds and Inches", by Dr. A.T.W Simeons. Moreover, there are numerous websites which can guide you in this matter.

  2. Order Homeopthic HCG Diet Drops

    There are three important aspects that need to be considered before ordering HCG Diet Drops :
    • Make sure the HCG drops are produced in US
    • Produced in FDA approved lab settings
    • Should have HCG in stock

  3. Find Out How Much HCG You Need To Order

    You would generally require 3oz of HCG Diet drops per person for successfully finishing one round of HCG Diet plan which would last for 44 days including the three phases.

  4. Get Mentally Prepared

    Losing weight has been a dream for you. You have to be mentally prepared for all kinds of effort that you need to put to get a good looking figure. You have to be ready for the Very Low Calorie Diet that you have to take with the HCG doses. You have to throw away all the unaccepted edibles that contribute in the weight gain.

  5. Prepare Your Diet Plan

    You need a diet plan for the VLCD period. You may consult a professional dietician who can help you to formulate the diet plan. You have the option of buying HCG cook books, where you may find number of recipes for the different phases of HCG course.

  6. Buy A Digital Food Scale Or Postal Scale For Precise Measurement Of Food

    You need to measure your daily intake of calorie. For that, you may go for buying a digital food scale or postal scale, which would help you to measure the calorie amount in various edibles. Prepare a diary, where you can record the daily diet intake.

  7. Bring A Weight Measuring Machine

    You also need to measure your weight everyday and record it. For this purpose, you have to bring a weight measuring machine.

  8. Change The Cosmetics Brand

    You may be using some personal care products like moisturizer, conditioner, shampoo etc. which contain fat or oils. In this case, you have to substitute them with oil free water based products.

  9. Forget About Taking Alcohols

    If you are habituated of taking alcohols or other intoxicants, you have to promise yourself that you are going to avoid these at least during the HCG intake period. You throw away the stock from your refrigerator. You have to be enough self-determined to do this.

  10. Don’t Be Worried, Be Cheerful

    Don’t be tensed thinking about the hardship of the diet course. Be cheerful and think how life will be beautiful after losing the extra pounds. You can go for buying some new clothes, which you always wanted to wear but could not due to your extra fat. When you will see the things, it is sure that your enthusiasm will go up high.

    The diet drops have proved to be revolutionary in treating obesity. People have recorded up to 20 pounds of weight using the diet course. Without hampering your normal life, it can help you to gain a body shape that you always wished for. Any one above the age of 16 and attained the puberty stage can take these Homeopathic Sublingual Drops.