In order to make your HCG diet days memorable and interesting, you can perform the below mentioned activities. Breaking the monotony by doing things that adds value to your weightloss journey would make you feel much more happier and powerful.

  1. HCG Diet & Brisk Walking

    If you are utterly lazy to take up heavy workout, which is actually not allowed during HCG diet period, you can take a brisk walk in your neighborhood park for adding that bit of excitement and self-fulfillment in your life. Brisk walking can be fun and if you perform this 20-30 minutes four days a week, it’s enough. You are right there losing weight. HCG diet protocol promises to discard 1-pound daily and integrating brisk walk in this protocol you have chances to lose more than 1 pound.

  2. Eat Before You Sleep

    During HCG Diet, you have to maintain a very low calorie diet but sleeping sufficiently is a must. How will you do that with empty stomach? There’s a way. Just keep the last meal of the day reserved for the last hour. You will get a proper sleep if you have something just before your sleep.

  3. Plan Activities

    Take your mind out of the food. Just make a schedule of the exciting days so that you can concentrate more on the happier things during the HCG diet days. It can be anything from meeting your best friend over a cup of coffee or visiting your relative’s place or taking a vacation for yourself. It’s all about surviving the stall which will hit you sooner or later.

  4. Dig Out Your Old Pair Of Jeans

    Just take out that old pair of jeans from your closet and make a goal to fit into it. Keeping that pair of jeans in front of your eyes will motivate you to lose weight.

  5. Video-blogging

    Maintaining a visual diary of your weight loss journey can be fun. Uploading videos daily during the fat loss journey will inspire others too. It gives immense satisfaction when other takes inspiration from your journey. Just blog about your daily experience and tell the world about the pounds you are losing and the feeling you are experiencing daily. It’s a pleasurable activity.

  6. Praise Yourself

    Stand in front of the mirror daily and praise the way you look. You will feel the difference within few days when you will see those ugly fat melting away in oblivion. HCG diet also nourishes your skin by regulating your blood circulation.

  7. Dress Up Freely

    Buy a pair of running shoes and dress up freely before going for a walk. Breathe the fresh air in the morning and thank god for everything. Losing weight is an interesting event in itself and the best part is – it’s all about rediscovering yourself again. HCG Diet will burn those calories without making you tired. It will reset your Hypothalamus gland that will consequently reform your eating habits.

  8. Make It Memorable

    Make a playlist of your favorite songs and play them daily. They will be a part of your memories after you attain your goal weight. Drink water sufficiently and sleep well for achieving the most awaited weight loss of your life.

The combination of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Hormone and 500 calorie diet helps your body to lose weight fast. HCG diet not only burns unwanted fat but also prevents abnormal food cravings. It refurbishes your entire eating habit. The weight lost during the HCG diet days never returns back hence it’s a permanent weight loss therapy. However, maintaining a very low calorie diet can be a monotonous activity.

People often cheat out of boredom and complains later about their unsuccessful weight loss venture. HCG Diet is one of the most effective weight loss programs in recent times and there are thousands of testimonials floating in the web that proves the authenticity and efficiency of this protocol. In order to lose weight fast, one should strictly follow the HCG Diet protocol. The dosages should be taken properly and only food mentioned in the diet guide should be eaten.