Top Weight Loss Tips

A healthy and fast weight loss regime has various elements that allow you to make smart and sustainable choices. Sometimes what you need is just few adjustments than drastic changes to achieve that coveted reading on the weighing scale. We have collected a list of effective tips that will not only make you lose weight fast but also improve your overall health efficiently.

  1. Take six small meals daily for a sustained weight loss. It may sound clichéd but this technique really boosts metabolism and releases carbs without letting your body go into starvation mode. To achieve quick weight loss, dieters need to follow the below mentioned steps :
    • The first meal should be taken within 1 hour after waking up.
    • Eat 6 times a day with 2-hour interval.
    • Depending on your activity eat more or less.
    • You should take your last meal 2 hours before sleep.
  2. Use Tape measure instead of Scale for measuring. Aiming for a waist measurement of 35 inches (men) and 32 ½ inches (women) is advisable.
  3. Weight-loss should never be on your mind but eating right should be. Most people are obsessed about their weight loss but they hardly take any effort to eat the right kind of food.
  4. Plan your meals ahead for preventing unhealthy last minute food choice. It’s always advisable to plan your meals ahead because if you make instant decisions, you will always prefer junk food, which is completely unhealthy.
  5. Eating fruits and vegetables are considered healthy but one should preferably eat the skins of brightly colored fruits and vegetables for increasing anti-oxidants in your body.
  6. Eating snack directly from the box, bag or carton should be avoided. Usually people tend to eat more hence snacks should be served in appropriately sized plates.
  7. Overindulgence during weekends should be avoided.Relaxation on weekends can be fun but one need to live a healthy life throughout the week during the weight loss regime.
  8. Take 30-second break while eating your meal. Doing this you lose the tendency to eat more. This technique acts as natural appetite suppressant.
  9. Replace sugar by using dash of cinnamon in fruits like melons and bananas for getting a dessert like feel.
  10. Plateau/ Stalls are very common during a fat loss regime. If you want to break it, you can increase the duration of your daily workout routine by 5-10 minutes.
  11. Avoid eating anything while watching movies or TV because usually people tend to consume more calories in these situations.
  12. Dieters should eat fruits and vegetables that are in season because they taste better and they are calorie friendly.
  13. Try liquid diet like soups, which is comforting as well as filling. Bean and Garden soup can serve the purpose for that matter.
  14. Usually Fat free foods contain huge amounts of sodium and sugar hence avoiding them can be the right choice for healthy living and weight loss.
In order to attain maximum benefits from the above-mentioned tips, dieters should avoid smoking and alcohol consumption during the diet regime. HCG Diet is the perfect combination of Very Low Calorie Diet and HCG hormone that not only reduces abnormal fat banks but also refurbishes your eating habits permanently. This weight loss plan is completely free from side effects.