Plan Your VLCD Diet Menu

There are three phases of HCG diet plan. They are known as Loading, Maintenance & Stabilization phase. These phases need to be followed strictly for losing one-pound daily. Please clearly understand the following facts about HCG phases for achieving your goal weight.

  1. Loading Phase
  2. Maintenance phase
  3. Stabilization phase

Please watch this 5 min Free Video carefully to understand the three phases of HCG diet plan for stimulating quick weight loss.

VLCD or Very Low Calorie Diet menu is a very important aspect in Hcg weight loss therapy. HCG Diet alone cannot cause weight loss, it has to be combined with Very Low calorie diet to observe results. The most important part of the VLCD diet is that during phase 2 the calorie intake has to be restricted to 500 claries & 800 calories during phase 3.

Dr. Simeons' Pounds and Inches has this sample VLCD menu. This could be used as a yardstick to further plan your diet chart in accordance with your taste & preferences.

  1. Breakfast : Dieters can take tea, coffee, green tea and any health drink without sugar. Stevia or saccharine can be used instead of sugar. One teaspoon of milk can be consumed in a whole day.
  2. Lunch : 100 grams of grilled shrimps, steak, white fish, chicken, lobster, beef, pork, liver can be taken in your every meal. Choose only one vegetable but increase intake of fruits, especially strawberry, raspberries and grapes.
  3. Dinner : Again take grilled protein items and avoid mixing of vegetables. Drink lemon juice at frequent intervals. Drinking 2 liters and more of any fluid, especially water is highly recommended.
  4. The VLCD diet should be maintained throughout the weight loss protocol. Except 2 days of loading phase, dieters have to stick on 500 calories in their maintenance and stabilization phases.
  5. The very low calorie diet is designed to use with standard range of HCG as this breaks the abnormal fat located in different body parts. If you have fat on chin, thighs, hips, arms and abdomen, this hormonal diet is great for you.
  6. Traditional spices, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, parsley, thyme, sweet basil, pepper, little amount of salt can be used for seasoning. No oil, butter and sauce should be used for this purpose.
  7. Plan your grocery list smartly, read the labels carefully, there are lot ingredients like Hydrogenated Oil, Fructose Corn Syrup, Wheat Gluten, etc which are extremely unhealthy and need to be avoided. To be safe stick to organic food and fruits.

Know Your Bread

Eat sprouted bread or sprouted wheat instead of refined wheat flour. Organic sprouted wheat, sprouted barley, millets, lentils, soybeans, fresh yeast, sea salt are perfect in this diet. Ezekiel bread that comes in various forms like English muffins, cinnamon raisin, rolls and tortillas should be preferred. Dieters can take rice bread and spelt bread if sprouted or whole grain bread is not available.

Plan Your Snacks

As you are getting results from HCG diet plan, you should also plan your snacks smartly. Go for herbal, passion flower and green tea with fat-less pop corns. You can also munch baked gingerbread while catching soccer or a movie in your couch. To rejuvenate yourself in the evenings, sip into a lemonade along with a beautiful mint-garlic steak. Just avoid alcohol to bring the extra-potency of this diet.

Apple Day And Plateau Breaker

An important though unwanted part of this plan is the "Plateau". This is a common dietary phase where one stops losing weight no matters how perfectly he/she is following the plan. To break this plateau, Hcg has an Apple Day, where users have to feed on 6 apples. Only plain water can be taken to quench thirst. This will eliminate excess water and regularize weight loss by 1-3 lbs daily.

Be Choosy While Cooking

Saturated fats or hydrogenated vegetable oils are very unhealthy for us. So, avoid cooking food with this type of oil. Go for vitamin D enriched, low calorie oil. Use essential oils like extra-virgin olive, coconut oil; sunflower and sesame oil in your nicely prepared dishes, they supports the Hcg VLCD.

The Dietary Culprits

Avoid food that contain artificial flavor, synthetic, bleached, enriched flour, wheat gluten, high fructose corn syrup during the diet. Also say NO to dairy products as food like cheese, butter, cottage cheese can increase your weight. Always buy the wild and natural food products, be it fish, meat and eggs. The main reason being many superstores or departmental stores use hormonal injections to keep them fresh.

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