Why GreenHCG ?

GreenHCG diet drops contains a unique proprietary blend of HCG, Cell salts & Vitamin B 12. These HCG diet drops are prepared under FDA Approved Lab Settings and contains NO Alcohol. Please clearly understand the following points about GreenHCG before purchase.

  1. Why GreenHCG diet drops ?
  2. Importance of B12 & Cell Salts
  3. Does Green HCG provide Money Back Guarantee?

Please watch this 4 min Free Video carefully to understand GreenHCG..

GreenHCG is a "Brand", we have worked hard to create a name that you could trust for absolutely the best Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops available. We understand the process of manufacturing & professionally manage ingredients, production, packaging & shipping to produce High Quality HCG Drops. We are the only US based HCG Company to ship all over the world & have gained considerable experience following thousands of people around the globe.

Green HCG is a proprietary blend of HCG drops which consist of HCG, Cell salts & Vitamin B 12. Cell salts prevents muscle cramps & help assimilate the fat. B12 on the other hand increases energy levels & helps stabilizing weight after the diet. GreenHCG diet drops are the only drops available where you can get the benefits of HCG, Cell salts & Vitamin B 12, all in one blend.

About GreenHCG Homeopathic Drops

  1. Manufactured In USA
  2. FDA Approved Lab settings
  3. Regular inspections by the FDA ensure compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) for your safety.
  4. Proprietary blend of HCG drops which consist of HCG, Cell salts & Vitamin B 12.
  5. Contains no alcohol
  6. HCG at the discount price( 50$ less than retail price)*
  7. Free HCG Info Pack
  8. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee**

*Supplies are limited, if the add to cart button is there, it’s still in stock but once it’s gone so is your opportunity to buy HCG at the discount price.

**We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for all unopened, original-seal-intact bottles 60 days from receipt of product. The refund for the bottles returned will be credited back to the payment method used when product was ordered less S&H.

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