HCG Injections And Drops Compared

British Physician ATW Simeons conceptualized HCG Diet in the year 1950 where he first introduced HCG injections. No doubt HCG injections are considered to be the most ancient form however with time, different forms like drops, pellets, powder and spray arrived. HCG Diet is a combination of HCG hormone and Very Low Calorie Diet that meticulously helps burning fat in your body. The dieter has to go through a strict dieting regime for losing weight with this diet program. In order to select the best form, the dieter should read the pros and cons of using Injections and Drops during HCG Diet.

Why HCG Drops Are Better Than HCG Injections?

  1. HCG Diet drops are taken under the tongue, which is free from pain unlike injections that involve needles. HCG injections may cause problems for dieters with needle phobia.
  2. HCG Drops don’t require refrigeration while injections should be refrigerated properly.
  3. Mixing injections can be tricky affair while sublingual HCG drops are premixed.
  4. HCG drops come with calibrated dropper hence its intake becomes too simple while HCG injections have to mixed and then be pushed into your skin very carefully. Injections can create lots of hassles. There are also chances of needle breaking that can be extremely dangerous.
  5. HCG Injections are extremely expensive compared to drops. The cost of 1000 i.u. is 400 $ while cost of 1 oz of drops is only 70 $ to 100 $.
  6. HCG Injections requires prescription during purchase while HCG drops can be bought without prescription. Presence of a physician is important while taking HCG Injections while taking drops, dieter require no physician.
  7. Some of the side effects of using HCG Injections include muscle cramps, pain, lumps, vomiting, dizziness, nausea etc. There are no side effects of HCG drops. They are bio-chemic in nature, which is why they are free from any side effects.
  8. The shelf life of injections is very less compared to drops. Homeopathic HCG drops have no expiry date.
  9. Common problems like infections, swelling and itchiness are caused by injections while there are no such problems with HCG drops.
Homeopathic HCG drops are prepared after a rigorous process of dilution. These drops when combined with 500-calorie diet become extremely active. HCG Diet not only helps burning abnormal fat but also completely refurbishes your eating habits for good. Weight lost during HCG Diet never returns back. It’s a permanent weight loss therapy.