HCG Diet & Workouts!

HCG diet plan helps reducing abnormal fat banks located on your thighs, hips, belly, abdomen and chin. The combination of HCG hormone and Very Low calorie Diet not only burns fat by boosting metabolism but also resets your Hypothalamus gland. There are various other health benefits associated with this weight loss plan however losing weight quickly and effectively with this diet protocol requires extreme dedication and discipline.

HCG diet is a strict weight loss therapy that prohibits cheating during the diet regime. Alcohol consumption and smoking isn’t allowed. In order to achieve your weight loss goals, you should understand Dr. Simeons’ book Pounds and Inches. You are not allowed to eat anything, which is not mentioned in his book. Mixing vegetables is also not allowed. Although HCG diet is a low calorie weight loss protocol, dieters never feel hungry or weak because extra 1500-2000 calories are released in your body from the burnt abnormal fat banks. Exercising on HCG diet can be disadvantageous. Let’s review the below mentioned reasons for understanding the pros and cons of exercising during this weight loss therapy.

Exercising on HCG diet Plan – Pros and Cons!

Heavy workouts on HCG diet isn’t allowed as your body requires extra energy and as mentioned above HCG diet is low calorie diet, you may not have sufficient energy for performing heavy exercises.

There are three phases of HCG diet. You are not allowed to workout during any of the following phases. However, dieters can workout after the diet gets over.

HCG diet prohibits heavy workouts however dieters can easily take up light exercises like brisk walking, Yoga etc. Light workouts won’t affect your weight loss process.

HCG diet plan is completely free from side effects however dieters may experience muscle cramps, headache, sleeplessness etc. if they perform heavy workouts. In order to attain maximum benefits from this diet, dieters should sleep properly and drink lots of water daily. You should be completely dedicated during this period. Food temptations should be ignored.

HCG diet plan not only helps burning fat but also promotes your overall health. It helps changing your food habits for good. Heavy workouts during HCG diet can also make you restless due to lack of energy.

HCG food list is available all around the web. There are forums where you can discuss about your weight loss. HCG dieters should weigh regularly in empty stomach for tracking his/her weight loss. Performing Apple day and adding fibers to your diet can tackle plateau, which is common during the protocol.

There are no advantages of working out during the protocol. If you are addicted to exercise, you can do Yoga and brisk walking till the diet gets over.